Body Care Product Formulation Consultancy

Body care formulation consultancy

 If you are looking for a reliable consultant that can guide you on body care product formulation, then feel free to contact Herbal Cosmetics Consultants. We are a New Delhi (India) based body care product formulation consultancy service provider with years of experience in guiding clients so that they can manufacture body care products with the right formulations and compositions. Our consultancy service, which is quite famous, is obtainable at competitive charges. We excel in consulting clients for the below mentioned products :

  • Paraffin Wax Cream

  • Varnishing Cream

  • Cleaning Cream

  • Nourishing Cream

  • Moisturizing Cream

  • Body / Hand Lotion

  • Massage Cream for Facial

  • Vaseline & Petroleum Jelly